Ridge slip stitch – stitch no.28

              Cast on: The Ridge slip stitch in made on multiple of 3+2 stitches , and repeat of 4 rows. Instruction: Row 1: Rep*(K2, K1twice)*, K2 Row 2: Rep*(K2, Sl1 while yarn is in front)*, K2 Row 3: Rep*(P2, Sl1 while yarn is in back)*, P2 Row 4: Rep*(P2, […]

Vine Stitch – stitch 27

                This stitch is made on multiple of 6 +4 stitches, and repeat of 16 rows + 4 rows of set up. Cast on: Multiple of 6 +4 stitches Set up rows: Row 1 & row 3) K or Sl 1, Rep *(P2, K1)* Row 2 & row 4) P or […]

Puff Rib Stitch (Constellate stitch)- stitch no.26


How to Knit a Slouchy Toque with Puff Rib Stitch?

  KNITTED MEASUREMENTS Head circumference 22″/56 cm   MATERIALS Used 2.5 oz/70 g of 1 ball (120 g 100% Acrylic) Bébé Luv Baby Fashion Georga, Colour # Grey Circular Needle: size 7 (4.5 mm) length 16″/40 cm Measuring tape Pair of scissors Eye blunt needle     GAUGE 108 sts and 6 rows to 1″/2.5cm over Rib Stitch. One […]

This top is knit in the circular from the top down in a single piece. You cast on at the collar, sleeve stitches are placed on hold on waste yarn, the body is completed, then sleeves are knit last.

Seamless Raglan Top

This top is knit in the circular from the top down in a single piece. You cast on at the collar, sleeve sts are placed on hold on waste yarn, the body is completed, then sleeves are knit last. The body of the top is worked in Stockinette stitch with a border of Rib stitch […]

How to Knit a Slouchy Beanie Hat?

Slouchy Beanie Hat is one of the popular hat types which recently been favorite for many knitters who want to knit a special things for themselves or for their loved ones. Here is our comprehensive video tutorial which walks you through every path you need to take to make this lovely hat. Grab your materials and lets do it!

Smaragd Cardigan Pattern

When it comes to the sweater or cardigan knitting projects, many knitters think of it as a challenging, time consuming and disappointing project. But having a right pattern in hand and patience at the same time, makes it all right to overcome the hesitation and start doing it! Here is a great example of cardigan pattern which […]

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Loom Knit a Beret Hat – Step by Step Tutorial

I am going to share with you a step-by-step tutorial showing how to loom knit a nice little beret hat. I know that beret is a favourite hat for most of you! So, here you go: use a 41 peg loom, thick yarn and needles 7 – 8 (US 10.5).

Do not miss this for winter!

Colorful wrist warmer

Knitting this pair of cute colourful wrist warmers is an easy and simple project to practice two stitches and to learn how to switch from one stitch to the other one. Cast on about 20 stitches with medium size yarn with selected needle (checkout how to measure required stitches for a project?). Depending on your wrist […]

Sling heel slippers

A pair of comfy go-to sling-heel slippers to wear around the house. Use yarn size 4 and needle size between 7 and 9

One of my favorite stitches!

Two Color Brioche Stitch

The pattern is knitted in multiple of 2+1 stitches and in 6 row repeat. It is knitted with two colors. Also you need a circular or a pair of socks needles to work on this pattern. The reason is because in some rows you need to push all the stitches to the right end of the needle and knit the same row from the other side.

Norwegian Fir stitch

Knitted in a multiple of 12+1 and 8 row repeat. Row 1) p1, rep( p3, k5, p4 ) Row 2) Purl all stitches Row 3) P2tog, rep ( p2, k2, yo, k1, yo, k2, p2, p3tog), p2tog at the end of row Row 4) Purl all stitches Row 5) P2tog, rep (p1, k2, yo, k3, yo, k2, p1, p3tog), p2tog […]

My name is Fariba. Knitting is my passion since I was a little kid.

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