Tutorial 1 – how to cast on

 Fariba /  / April 1, 2011

The first step of knitting is casting on. Casting on means making the base row of loops that will allow us to make a knit fabric by connecting new loops in following rows.

The number of loops that you need to cast on depends on the project you wanna work on and also on your yarn size.  As you may know yarns come in different sizes starting from number 1 (Super Fine) to number 6 (Super Bulky). There are useful information in information label on the yarn regarding the number of yarn size and suitable needle size for it. Also it says how many stitches/loops is required to make 10 cm of that specific yarn. Going through those info helps you to decide which size of needle you need to select and after that you can decide how many stitches/loops you need to cast on depending on the project you plan to make. You can find related information to this topic in Knitting Gauge.

Methods of Cast-On

There are different methods of casting on resulting the same loops, except some of them with fancy edges like Picot edge

One of the most common and easiest methods is Long-Tail Cast On. This is also known as Continental Cast-on. In this method usually both needles are used, hence some people call it Double Cast-on.


Another Method which is called Single Cast-on is also common. This method is very useful in projects that new piece needs to be added to the work.


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