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Colorful wrist warmer

 Fariba Zahed /  / December 20, 2016

Knitting this pair of cute colourful wrist warmers is an easy and simple project to practice two stitches and to learn how to switch from one stitch to the other one. Cast on about 20 stitches with medium size yarn with selected needle (checkout how to measure required stitches for a project?). Depending on your wrist size, you may have to go with less or more than 20 stitches; so, try it around your wrist while knitting. Then, knit with double rib stitch for about two inch (5 cm), switch to stockinette stitch and knit for another 5 inch (~ 12 cm) and finish by knitting single rib stitch for one inch (~2.5cm). Now, you need to stitch the seaming line but remember to leave about an inch (~2cm) for thumb.

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