Sling heel slippers

 Fariba /  / May 30, 2016



Yarn size number 4/ Needle size between 7&9 US size or 4.5 to 5.5 mm

Step 1) Cast on 60 stitches

Step 2) Knit about 6 cm with Double Rib Stitch and then Cast-off.

Step 3) Fold in Half. Sew the bottom and sides by sewing them to get an double sided rectangle with one open side in length.

Step 4) Having the open area of rectangle on top hold it in your left hand. Pick up your needle in your right hand and pick up 15 loops as your new stitches in one side. Leave the other side for now. You need to repeat it for the other side later.
With new stitches follow to knit the Garter Stitch. After first row is done, decrease one stitch in the beginning of each row till you are left with 7 stitches. After that knit without decreasing for about 10 cm. Then again decrease each row for 4 rows till you are left with 3 stitches. Then Knit 3 stitches together.

Repeat step 4 for the other side.



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    This link gives a better pattern.’
    you can also search it on

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