Coccon stitch hat

 Fariba /  / March 24, 2018



  • Kid size (fit 2-10 yrs)
  • Head circumference (19-21)″/ (48-53) cm



  • Used 1.5 oz/45 g of 1 ball of Bernat POP ( 5 oz/140 g, Approx 280 yds/256 cm, 100% Acrylic) 84023 MASQUERADE
  • Circular Needle: size 7 (4.5 mm) length 16″/40 cm
  • Measuring tape
  • Pair of scissors
  • Eye blunt needle



Cast on 72 sts
12 rows to 2″/5cm over Rib Stitch
48 rows/5.5″/14 cm over Cocoon/Pod stitch
4 rows over finishing and blocking



With 2 needles, CO 72 sts.
Join the circular
Row 1 to Row 12: rep (K1, P1)

Pattern for Cocoon/pod stitch on circular
Multiple of 8 st and 12 rows repeat
Row 1, 2: rep*(P5, K1, P1, K1)*
Row 3: rep*(P5TOG, K1, M1, KPK, M1, K1)*see the blow NOTE for abbreviation
Row 4,5,6,7,8: rep*(P1, K1, P5, K1)*
Row 9: rep*(M1, KPK, M1, K1, P5TOG, K1)*see the blow NOTE for abbreviation
Row 10,11,12: rep*(P5, K1, P1, K1)*

M1(Make one): insert the left needle into the loop between the purl stitch and knit stitch from front and put it in the left needle as an stitch, then knit it.
KPK: knit, purl, and knit into the next stitch

Row 1) K2tog for one row to drop stitches to half (36 st)
Row 2) K2tog for one row to drop stitches to half (18 st)
Row 3) K2tog for one row to drop stitches to half (9 st)
Row 4) Block stitches
then cut the yarn long enough to stitch hat end by using eye blunt needle.

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