Ridge slip stitch – stitch no.28

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Cast on:
The Ridge slip stitch in made on multiple of 3+2 stitches , and repeat of 4 rows.


Row 1: Rep*(K2, K1twice)*, K2
Row 2: Rep*(K2, Sl1 while yarn is in front)*, K2
Row 3: Rep*(P2, Sl1 while yarn is in back)*, P2
Row 4: Rep*(P2, Sl1 while yarn is in front)*, P2

In summary:
row 1&2 is in Knit stitches
row 3&4 is in Purl stitches
row 2&3 move yarn for Sl stitches

2 thoughts on “Ridge slip stitch – stitch no.28”

  1. Rebekah Armstrong says:

    I noticed in your YouTube tutorial video you slipped the first stitch of each row, but did not include that particular instruction in the written instructions. Is the first stitch slipped so that a clean edge is created?

    1. Fariba says:

      Hi Rebekah, yes! Exactly you need to slip the edge stitch to get cleaner edge. I think I forgot to mention it in the written instruction, I’m glad you figured it out by yourself ;)

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