Stitch 7 ( Two to One Rib Stitch )

 Fariba Zahed /  / April 1, 2011

Made in multiple of 3 stitches, and 2 row repeat.
Row 1) Repeat (k2, p1)
Row 2) Repeat (k1, p2)










2 thoughts on “Stitch 7 ( Two to One Rib Stitch )”

  1. vienne says:

    Hello there,

    I need your help! I am new to knitting and the yarn always slip off from my hand. Also, when I knit or purl, I cannot pick the yarn correctly. Any tricks? I am using the left hand method where the yarn is on left hand the same as your video.



    1. FeAdmin says:

      Hi Vienne,

      It is very normal for a beginner. Don’t get disappointed. You just need to practice more. Little by little you will feel more comfortable with yarn and needle.

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