3 thoughts on “How to knit a simple beanie hat”

  1. My 9 year old daughter and I just learned how to knit a few days ago. We have just been knitting to learn technique. I think the beanie hat would be a great first project for us. My needles say 6 on the top and my daughter has 11 but hers are from india (our instructor gave them to her as a gift because they are not as long as US needles). How many stitches should we cast on and what yarn should we use? currently we have 4 worsted medium weight yarn. I don’t know if that helps. I don’t know the terms I’m suppose to use. Thanks for any help you can provide.

    1. You defiantly used the correct terms! ;)
      I am not sure the size 6 and 11 from india which sizes is in US. My guess is that they are the same size here because as far as I know the maximum metric size is 8. However, it is smart to check it in one of stores near yourself, like in walmart. You can compare them. Let say they are the same size here. Then for size 6 you should pick up light size yarn, like number 3. However, you still can use your own medium size 4. It is not a big deal. For size 11 your yarn should be bulky or super bulky, which are 5 or 6 respectively.

  2. سلام . خیلی ممنونم به خاطر آموزش های عالی که در سایت قرار دادید . من با این که استعداد زیادی در هنر ندارم اما علاقه زیادی به بافتنی و دوختن با دست دارم. خصوصا بافتن کلاه رو خیلی دوست دارم . من تونستم با کمک سایت شما چیز های جدید زیادی رو یاد بگیرم. .
    یک نوعی از کلاه های زمستانه هست که دو قسمت دسته مانند دو طرف اون هست که روی گوش رو پوشش میده . خواهش دارم در صورت امکان آموزش بافت این نوع کلاه ها رو هم قرار بدبد

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