How to knit a simple beanie hat



4 thoughts on “How to knit a simple beanie hat

  1. I like this hat’s tutorial but i’m still not understand with the first pattern that you take to make it. How you do it?
    in video you just pointed out the pattern in the middle. I’m glad if you can explain it to me. thanks anyway :)

    1. Hi Ochiie,

      Yeah, with great pleasure!

      The reason that the pattern in the video starts in the middle is because I assumed that the viewer already knows how to make the first part. However, I wish I didn’t assume it because many people ask for the first part! ;)

      Anyways, the first part is a simple rectangle, about 50 cm * 10 cm, which you make it by casting on about 90 stitches with a Medium size yarn for an adult. If your yarn is finer or thicker the number of stitches will differ. For finding out about exact sizes you can go to Knitting Gauge tap in my website. Then you knit about 5 cm of any kind of Elastic stitches ( you can find them in my stitch gallery in top menu), after that make about 5 cm of any other stitches, which I recommend you the basic stitch if you are a beginner. After that you follow the video for remaining.
      Just have this in mind that in this video my sample is not in actual size.

      Good luck and happy knitting time!

  2. You defiantly used the correct terms! ;)
    I am not sure the size 6 and 11 from india which sizes is in US. My guess is that they are the same size here because as far as I know the maximum metric size is 8. However, it is smart to check it in one of stores near yourself, like in walmart. You can compare them. Let say they are the same size here. Then for size 6 you should pick up light size yarn, like number 3. However, you still can use your own medium size 4. It is not a big deal. For size 11 your yarn should be bulky or super bulky, which are 5 or 6 respectively.

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