Pattern 19 ( Grape seed Stitch ) – Embossed Knitting Stitches

This pattern is very similar to raspberry pattern . But the main difference is that there is no hole in it and seeds are sticked very well .

To make this pattern follow the instruction:

Row 1 ) knit all stitches

Row 2 ) Repeat below;

  • Knit 1
  • (Purl, yarn over, purl , yarn over , purl ) all in the next stitch


Yarn over: means turn yarn around the needle

Row 3 ) Purl all the stitches

Row 4 ) Repeat below;

  • Knit 1
  • Put yarn in front and pick up 2 stitches
  • Purl 3 stitches together
  • Pull 2 stitches, which were picked up, on last stitch ; ( rephrase: pull out the last stitch from inside of those two taken stitches )

Row 5 ) knit all stitches

Row 6 ) Knit the first stitch then Repeat row 2

Row 7 ) Purl all the stitches

Row 8 ) Knit the first stitch then Repeat row 4


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  1. ışık says:

    I am writing from Türkiye in İstanbul I benefited a lot from your lessons I like you so much you are good a teacher
    thank you so much..

  2. Fariba Zahed says:

    You will get a great result with using this pattern for your beanie hat. However, it might be a little confusing to block this pattern. To avoid that, you should convert the pattern to basic stitches, whenever you wanna start blocking.
    So basically you will start with 50/60 stitches(depending on your yarn size), knit some rows with jersey, then convert it to this pattern. After having about 10/12 centimeters with this pattern, convert it to the basic stitches, and block as I showed in the video.

  3. Fariba Zahed says:

    You shouldn’t expect straight edges like the one with basic patterns, but still it should be organized. You can add edges to your pattern by crocheting. For that search for basics crochet tutorials.

  4. Fariba Zahed says:

    Manzur in hast ke on 2 ta dooneyi ke raje ghabl bafte nashode bud ro ruye duneye akhar bekeshim, yani ye jur kur kardan ya kam kardan.

  5. FeAdmin says:

    ویدیوش رو می تونید ببنید

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