Pattern 19 ( Grape seed Stitch ) – Embossed Knitting Stitches

This pattern is very similar to raspberry pattern . But the main difference is that there is no hole in it and seeds are sticked very well .

To make this pattern follow the instruction:

Row 1 ) knit all stitches

Row 2 ) Repeat below;

  • Knit 1
  • (Purl, yarn over, purl , yarn over , purl ) all in the next stitch


Yarn over: means turn yarn around the needle

Row 3 ) Purl all the stitches

Row 4 ) Repeat below;

  • Knit 1
  • Put yarn in front and pick up 2 stitches
  • Purl 3 stitches together
  • Pull 2 stitches, which were picked up, on last stitch ; ( rephrase: pull out the last stitch from inside of those two taken stitches )

Row 5 ) knit all stitches

Row 6 ) Knit the first stitch then Repeat row 2

Row 7 ) Purl all the stitches

Row 8 ) Knit the first stitch then Repeat row 4


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About Fariba Zahed

When I was child, my mom and grandma used to knit during the winters. I was in 5 when I made my first stitch with my grandma's help. The excitement of making the first stitch made me passionate about learning it in the later years. Little by little, I found knitting really enjoyable and entertaining. Today, scientists have discovered knitting can reduce the stress level and prevent Alzheimers in older ages. Years of experience in knitting have made it clear for me that the best way to teach knitting to someone is through showing it practically. Sometimes it's hard to understand what the writer means when they are explaining a specific pattern, so learning through watching is the best way. Beside that, watching is common language worldwide. Here, I am sharing the patterns and models that I have learned during the years by capturing step by step videos. I hope this weblog will help people who have the enthusiasm of knitting and people who want to learn knitting for any reason.
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