Stitch 25 – Rib Stitch

 Fariba Zahed /  / December 13, 2011

Knitted in a multiple of 4 sts and 3 row repeat.

Row 1) Repeat (K3 , P1)
Row 2) k1, Repeat (P2, K2)
Row 3) Repat (K2, P2)

Repeat from Row 2








7 thoughts on “Stitch 25 – Rib Stitch”

  1. agnes joseph says:

    I’m doing this simple beanie hat for an adult I’m on the knitting part now. But don’t know has far I have to knit before I start decreasing

    1. FeAdmin says:

      You can measure the space between upper forehead and the crown, which would be between 8-10 cm.

  2. farhanazaidi says:

    try to knit this pattern

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