Pattern 25 ( Rib Stitch) – Rib Knitting Stitches

This pattern is kind of jersey which is mostly used in machine knitting. 

Although making it is as easy as 2 purls and 2 knits instruction, knitting the first stitches may be confusing a little bit.

To catch up the pattern I suggest you to cast on any multiple of 4 stitches and knit at least 10 rows. 

There are two main rules at this pattern:

1. Except the first row which is the base row, in all rows instruction is repeat of 2P, 2K.

2. The stitch which comes up as Knit stitch , and the stitch right before that one, will be knitted .



Row 1 ) Knit 3 , Purl 1

Row 2) Pick up the first stitch, then repeat ( 2 Purl, 2 Knit )

Row 3) Pick up the first stitch,

             knit the 2nd stitch,

             then repeat ( 2 Purl, 2 Knit )

Repeat from row 2


14 thoughts on “Pattern 25 ( Rib Stitch) – Rib Knitting Stitches”

  1. Hi Monica,
    I haven’t try it in circular, but I think it is possible. I guess you should knit some rows first without attaching them, then when you get the pattern you can attach them from there.

    I hope it works for you,

  2. Hi Najma,

    I am sorry to hear that you don’t have access to the internet in Afghanistan. However, don’t stop learning because of any limitation. Find some knitting books from Pakistan and take with yourself. I am sure they will help you. If you just know the basics the rest will come. You can create your own patterns. Knitting is not about learning every step, sometimes it is your own creativity. I wish you a good luck and happiness. God bless you.

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