Stitch 24 – Striped Lace Stitch

 Fariba Zahed /  / June 17, 2011

Knitted in a multiple of 4+1 and 4 row repeat.

Row 1) Repeat (P1, K3), purl the last stitch
Row 2) Knit the first stitch then Repeat (P1, YO, P2tg, K1)
Row 3) same as row 1
Row 4) knit all stitch24

Example if you cast on different number of stitches:

Suppose that we are going to make it in 23 stitches. Then 2 stitches will remain extra at the end of row, because;
23 = 20(4*5) +1+2

In this case you have two options,

  1. Start the second row with Yarn over and keep continue as instruction says , or
  2. knit those 2 extras as they appear and don’t include them in pattern


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