Scroll Lace stitch

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Cast on:
Made in Multiple of 10+2 sts, and 18 row repeat

Row 1) Sl 1, repeat*(YO, K8, K2Tog)*, K1
Row 2) Sl 1, repeat*(P2Tog, P7, YO, P1)*, P1
Row 3) Sl 1, repeat*(K2, YO, K6, K2Tog)*, K1
Row 4) Sl 1, repeat*(P2Tog, P5, YO, P3)*, P1
Row 5) Sl 1, repeat*(K4, YO, K4, K2Tog)*, K1
Row 6) Sl 1, repeat*(P2Tog, P3, YO, P5)*, P1
Row 7) Sl 1, repeat*(K6, YO, K2, K2Tog)*, K1
Row 8) Sl 1, repeat*(P2Tog, P1, YO, P7)*, P1
Row 9) Sl 1, repeat*(K8, YO, K2Tog)*, K1
Row 10) Sl 1, repeat*(YO, P8, SSP)*, P1
Row 11) Sl 1, repeat*(SSK, K7, YO, K1)*, K1
Row 12) Sl 1, repeat*(P2, YO, P6, SSP)*, P1
Row 13) Sl 1, repeat*(SSK, K5, YO, K3)*, K1
Row 14) Sl 1, repeat*(P4, YO, P4, SSP)*, P1
Row 15) Sl 1, repeat*(SSK, K3, YO, K5)*, K1
Row 16) Sl 1, repeat*(P6, YO, P2, SSP)*, P1
Row 17) Sl 1, repeat*(SSK, K1, YO, K7)*, K1
Row 18) Sl 1, repeat*(P8, YO, SSP)*, P1


Slip Slip Purl(SSP): slip the next two stitches, one at a time, from the left knitting needle to the right knitting needle knit-wise, then slip these stitches back to the left knitting needle keeping them twisted. Purl these two stitches together through their back loops.

Slip Slip Knit(SSK):  slip the next two stitches, one at a time, from the left knitting needle to the right knitting needle. then slip these stitches back to the left knitting needle, then knit them together through back loop. 


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