Easy two-color Brioche Rib stitch hat on circular

 Fariba /  / January 22, 2018

16″ circular
Two color yarn
Stitch markers
Measuring tape
Eye blunt needle

Cast on: (General rule)
1) Measure the head circumference and write down the number(X).
2) Find the required stitch number for 10*10 cm square with your selected yarn and needle(Y). If you have the yarn label that will give you this number if not you can cast on 20 stitches knit for couple of rows and then find out how many stitches make 10 cm of the flat fabric.
3) Divide the head circumference number (X) by 10 and then multiple it by (Y)
4) The result of the calculation will be the estimation of number of stitches required for cast on. If you get fractional number round it to the nearest odd number.

Hold the needle with working yarn in the right hand, put the marker on top of stitches on right hand then knit stitches from left hand to connect the circular. Work on Rib stitch with color A for couple of rows until your piece measure 4 to 5 cm from cast on edge.

Two-color K1B brioche stitch:

For dotted pattern:
Row 1: with color A: k1, rep (*k1b, k1)
Row 2: with color B: k2, rep (k1b, k1), k1
*k1b: Insert the tip of the right needle into the stitch below the next stitch from front to back, knit normally

Knit about 8-10 cm with dotted pattern, then at the beginning of the row, after marker, knit two stitches together to get even number of stitches. Then continue with pattern for brioche stitch as below:

Row 1: with color A: k1, rep (*k1b, k1)
Row 2: with color B: k1, rep (*k1b, k1)

Knit about another 8-10 cm, or your desired length for hat pattern, then get markers with different color and divide your stitches by 5 or 6, whichever gives you closer equal numbers, and then put them between stitches. Knit two together after each marker to reduce stitches every row. repeat for couple of rows until your remaining stitches are less than 16 stitches. Then you cut the yarn leaving 15 cm on tail. get the eye blunt needle and transfer stitches from circular to the eye blunt needle and then pass through the yarn, pull the tail firmly to block the ending, pass the needle to the inside of the hat and secure it with stitching and hide the tail passing thorough stitches nearby.


4 thoughts on “Easy two-color Brioche Rib stitch hat on circular”

  1. Ricky says:

    This pattern makes no sense…

    The format for the stripes should be:
    Row 1 (with color A): (k1, k1b)
    Row 2 ( with color B): (k1b, k1)

    The format for the dots should be:
    R1 (A): (k1, k1b)
    R2 (B): (k1, k1b)
    R3 (A): (k1b, k1)
    R4 (B): (k1b, k1)

    Also, k1b technically makes it a fisherman’s rib, whereas a sl1yo is what makes a brioche…

    Or if I’m wrong, a video (I’m guessing that’s why it’s called WatchKnitting) would be super helpful ☺

    1. Fariba says:

      Hi Ricky,
      Knitting instruction for the flat knit changes a little bit when it comes to circular. I wish I could have time to make tutorials for all patterns I have, but that’s very time-consuming and I am still behind the schedule for that. Though I am still positive to make them all :)

      1. Rachael says:

        I really want to make this hat but I am also confused about the dots. How do you change the colors on the same row? I have done a ton of brioche knitting, in the round and flat, and this pattern is super confusing to me. I agree there should be a s1yo somewhere. Are you doing a s1yo and a k1b somehow?

  2. Brianne F Beatty says:

    Ricky .. the steps for brioche and fisherman’s rib are different but look / end result are the same. K1b is much easier in the round

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