Stitch 29 – Norwegian Fir stitch

 FeAdmin /  / May 7, 2016


Knitted in a multiple of 12+1 and 8 row repeat.

Row 1) p1, rep( p3, k5, p4 )
Row 2) Purl all stitches
Row 3) P2tog, rep ( p2, k2, yo, k1, yo, k2, p2, p3tog), p2tog
Row 2) Purl all stitches
Row 5) P2tog, rep (p1, k2, yo, k3, yo, k2, p1, p3tog), p2tog
Row 2) Purl all stitches
Row 7) P2tog, rep (k2, yo, k5, yo, k2, p3tog), p2tog
Row 8: Purl all stitches

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3 thoughts on “Stitch 29 – Norwegian Fir stitch”

  1. Delia says:

    Awesome Site and this knitting also.
    Many thanks for being there and sharing!!!!

    See you!

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