Pattern 24 ( Striped Lace )- Lace Knitting

To make this pattern cast on any (multiple of 4) +1 stitches.

In return row your first stitch will differ if you choose different quantity than mentioned one.

However, to make it easy and accessible for who does need to make it in different quantities; I’ve put the instruction in below table. By equalizing the numbers you will find out how does it works. (Refer to the example at the bottom of page)


Row 1) Repeat (1P, 3K)

Row 2) Knit the first stitch then Repeat (1P, YO, Purl 2 Together, 1K)

Row 3) same as row 1

Row 4) knit all stitches


Suppose that we are going to make it in 23 stitches. Then 2 stitches will remain extra at the end of row, because;

23 = 20(4*5) +1+2

In this case you have two options,

  1. Start the second row with Yarn over and keep continue as instruction says , or
  2. knit those 2 extras as they appear and don’t include them in pattern



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