Long-Tail Cast On/Continental Cast-on/Double Cast-on

 Fariba /  / April 25, 2016

One common concern in long-tail cast-on is to figure out how much yarn is required to use for cast on?
Since leaving extra tail will disturb during knitting it is better measure right amount of yarn for tail. Below the correct measurement is given according to the yarn sizes. Calculate the amount of strand you need for your project and then start from that point.

1 inch per one stitch plus 10 inches of extra tail for Bulk yarn
1/2 inch per one stitch plus 10 inches of extra tail for Medium yarn
1 cm per one stitch plus 10 cm of extra tail for Fine yarn

While you have needle in your left hand put the marked point of strand on needle the way that the tail (shorter strand) stands in front.

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