Pattern 22 (Loop stitch)- Embossed Knitting Models

Making a loop stitch has different methods. Here I will  teach you the easiest way which I create my own projects with .

To have an ordered pattern , it’s better to make loops as one among.




Row 1 ) repeat below

  • Knit 1,
  • Insert the needle from bottom in the next stitch and pull out the yarn for extent that you want your loop to appear, ( don’t quit stitch)
  • Get help from your thumb to keep loop, then knit the same stitch as regular knit stitch

Row 2 ) Knit all stitches . (  It’s important to knit all stitches. if you purl them , your loops will be loose )

To make it nicer, start the next row with 2 knits at first then continue same direction for rest.


5 thoughts on “Pattern 22 (Loop stitch)- Embossed Knitting Models”

  1. Hello.
    Can you tell me what size needle you would use to make make the loop knitting stitch and what typle of yarn you can use to make the loop scarf. What type of yarn is used in the demo on pattern number 22 the Loop stich


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