Pattern 22 (Loop stitch)- Embossed Knitting Models

Making a loop stitch has different methods. Here I will  teach you the easiest way which I create my own projects with .

To have an ordered pattern , it’s better to make loops as one among.




Row 1 ) repeat below

  • Knit 1,
  • Insert the needle from bottom in the next stitch and pull out the yarn for extent that you want your loop to appear, ( don’t quit stitch)
  • Get help from your thumb to keep loop, then knit the same stitch as regular knit stitch

Row 2 ) Knit all stitches . (  It’s important to knit all stitches. if you purl them , your loops will be loose )

To make it nicer, start the next row with 2 knits at first then continue same direction for rest.


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  1. Fariba Zahed says:

    I am using Bulky yarn, with needle number 5. But you can use thicker or finer yarn, depending on your use. For scarf it’s better use finer one.

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