Stitch 14 – Simulated Brioche Stitch

              Made in multiple of 2 stitches and 4 row repeat Row 1) rep *(k1, sl1)*, k2 Row 2) purl all the stitches Row 3) k1, then rep *(k1, sl1)*, k1 Row 4) purl all the stitches

Stitch 13 – stripe stitch

                Row 1) K1, Sl1 Row 2) purl all the stitches repeat from row 1

Stitch 12 – Tilt stripe stitch

Made in multiple of 8 stitches and 16 row repeat.

Stitch 11 – Elongated/Drop Stitch

  Cast on odd number of stitches Row 1)  Knit all the stitches Row 2)  Knit all the stitches Row 3)  Knit all the stitches Row 4)  K1, then rep (turn yarn around the needle three time and then knit the next stitch) Row 5)  knit the original stitches and drop others.    

Stitch 5 – Checkered Stitch

                Made in a multiple of 4 sts and 8 row repeat. Row 1) k2, P2 Row 2) P2, K2 Row 3) k2, P2 Row 4) P2, K2 Row 5) P2, K2 Row 6) k2, P2 Row 7) P2, K2 Row 8) k2, P2

Stitch 4 – Moss Stitch

              Made in multiple of 2 stitches, and 4 row repeat. Row 1) k1, p1 Row 2) p1, k1 Row 3) p1, k1 Row 4) k1, p1


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