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  1. will like to learn all types of cable knitting patters, I love cable knitting and will all so will like to learn to knitt al types of leafs and flower patterns. my mother pass away on february 27, 2011 she knew all type of knitting stitches and I will like to do the same thing in her memory. Thank you very much ,,

  2. I love your patterns, have been searching for a while for a webpage as clearly explaines as yours. Thank you very much for your videos and explanations.

  3. Good day,

    I love your patterns and how clearly you present them.
    Currently I am looking for a Two-Color Brioche video. All that I found were very confusing :( Do you by any chance could help me here?

    Thank you in advance.


    1. Hi Vilma,
      I guess you have asked me this question through email. Unfortunately I didn’t have that pattern, not one color nor two color and I didn’t find good video for that as you said. However, I look forward to capturing a tutorial video for that.

      good luck,

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