Lesson 5 – Increasing & Decreasing

Posted on April 1, 2011 by Feriba

By adding and reducing we will be able to create beautiful patterns .

For reducing simply we knit two stitches together instead of one. So it is complete in one row.
Adding  is complete in two rows and there are two ways to make it.
In one way we can create a hole which is very useful in different patterns. The other way is good for edges. In this section I am gonna show you the second one. 

In order to add a stitch we turn the yarn around the needle in the first row, and we purl it in the next row .



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  1. Fariba Zahed says:

    It narrows only one side, which decreasing take places. If you want to make both side narrow, you should reduce at the beginning and at the end of row. OR,You can decrease stitches at the beginning of EACH row,(means even in return row).

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