Pattern 7 – (Two to One Rib Stitch ) – Rib Knitting Stitches

This pattern is one of the simplest patterns which is usable in calf , scarfs and other projects.

The instruction for this pattern starts with 2 knits and 1 purl and then continues with 2 purls and 1 knit in return rows.
Note: Casting on odd or even number of stitches may change the starting stitch in return rows . The best way to figure it out, is to remember the shape of basic stitches . In this case you will be able to start and knit stitches as they appear without considering which quantity of stitches you have.
For reviewing the shape of stitches you can refer to lesson 1 and lesson 2 in beginners page.

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2 Responses so far.

  1. vienne says:

    Hello there,

    I need your help! I am new to knitting and the yarn always slip off from my hand. Also, when I knit or purl, I cannot pick the yarn correctly. Any tricks? I am using the left hand method where the yarn is on left hand the same as your video.



    • FeAdmin says:

      Hi Vienne,

      It is very normal for a beginner. Don’t get disappointed. You just need to practice more. Little by little you will feel more comfortable with yarn and needle.

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