Pattern 10 (Knobby Stitch) – Embossed Knitting Stitches

This amazing model comes great for babies . Since it has knobby parts , it’s somehow protective as well.





Instruction :

Row  1) Knit the first row

Row  2) Purl all the stitches

Row  3) knit 6 stitches then  * change the position of needles and purl 5 stitches, again come back and knit the same 5 stitches , repeat this direction up to 3 times for the same 5 stitches. Then knit 10 more stitches and repeat direction for last 5 stitches*

Row  4) Purl all stitches

Row  5) Knit all stitches

Row  6) Purl all stitches

Row  7) knit 11 stitches then  repeat from *